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We are a vibrant youth development hub in Juba, South Sudan. Our dynamic space fosters an environment that cultivates entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation amongst our diverse membership, which exceeds 600 individuals. Recognizing the immense potential within South Sudan’s young population, Scenius Hub empowers them to become agents of positive change and contribute meaningfully to the nation’s socio-economic and political betterment.

We act as a launchpad for aspiring entrepreneurs, offering crucial resources such as mentorship programs, training workshops, and connections to potential investors.  Young business leaders receive guidance in developing sound business plans, securing funding, and effectively marketing their ventures. This fosters a culture of self-reliance and empowers them to create sustainable livelihoods, contributing to South Sudan’s economic diversification

Our Impact 

Active  Members

2,500 Monthly visitors 

12 Monthly Events 

Why we focus on Youth & Creative Art 

Art and youth activities in South Sudan play a crucial role in:

Identity Formation: Connecting young people with their cultural heritage through traditional art forms and providing a platform for self-expression through contemporary mediums fosters a strong sense of self and belonging.

Peacebuilding and Reconciliation: Art can be a powerful tool for fostering dialogue, understanding, and healing after conflict. Murals depicting themes of unity and traditional music performances that bring together people from diverse backgrounds can promote social cohesion and pave the way for reconciliation.

Socio-Economic Development: Encouraging entrepreneurship in the creative industries, such as supporting the creation of artisan cooperatives for producing traditional crafts and showcasing South Sudanese talent on the global stage through art exhibitions and cultural festivals, can create sustainable livelihoods for young people and contribute to nation’s economic development.

Who works from Scenius 

Alemi Daniel 

Photographer & Creative Director of Lighthouse Studio, a multimedia agency specializing in photography, videography, and event documentation.

Wahbi Mustafa

Researcher and founder of Wamphi Platform, a digital platform for PMP, Creative Writing, and Graphic Design in South Sudan

Poni Henry

Computer engineer & coordinator of Banat Initiative for Leadership & Digital Development, 

A program that empowers young women in high schools and universities with digital and life skills.

Charity Naji

Digital Content creator and Social Media specialsit with experince in creating engaging content for digital platforms and fostering brand engagement through multimedia strategies.



You're probably

  • Does Scenius Hub have a library?
    Yes, Scenius Hub has a dedicated library with a collection of books in Arabic and English, catering to young minds.
  • What are Scenius Hub's opening hours?
    We are open daily from 8 AM to 8 PM. on weekends we stay open until 11 PM.
  • What is Scenius Hub?
    Scenius Hub is a vibrant community center in Juba, South Sudan, dedicated to fostering intellectual and creative expression. We offer a variety of programs and resources to empower young minds and connect people through arts, culture, and innovation.
  • What are the benefits of becoming a Scenius Hub member?
    Membership benefits may include discounts on workshops, events, and resources, access to exclusive spaces, and opportunities to connect with the creative community.
  • Do I need to register for events?
    Registration requirements vary depending on the event. We recommend checking the event details on our website or social media pages.
  • Where is Scenius Hub located ?
    We are located in Tongpiny, close to Winners Chapel, two streets after the junction of American residency and Catholic University roads. Here is a map with directions
  • What kind of events does Scenius Hub host?
    Scenius Hub offers a variety of events, including movie nights, workshops, seminars, art exhibitions, discussions, and creative meetups.

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