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Who We Are

Scenius Hub is a vibrant youth space that supports entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation, and collaboration amongst the youth in South Sudan. We act as a catalyst for empowering youth ventures. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who are passionate about creating a supportive environment for young entrepreneurs to thrive. We provide mentorship, training, and networking opportunities to our members.

What we believe in

  • Community & Ownership: Scenius is nothing without our members, the community that uses the space & makes it their work and creative home in Juba. We strive to ensure our members know & feel that Scenius is theirs, and our collective effort will make it thrive as a space.

  • Creating Opportunities: We believe in the potential of young people in South Sudan, and often it is only a lack of opportunity and resources that limit their success. We want to use our space to empower them & open doors,, and build young entrepreneurs.

  • Inspiration & Creativity: When you enter Scenius, we want you to feel inspired and ready to tap into your creative genius. We want to nurture innovation and break
    barriers together as members.

  • Safety & Affordability: We believe in creating space for young people that is both safe and affordable. Being accessible to our members is a key part of our vision.

  • Sustainability We strive to ensure that all we do is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable
    We are building things to last, both people and the outputs they are creating


What We Do

Our Services

At Scenius Hub, we offer a range of services to help young entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful ventures. Our services include mentorship, training, access to funding, and networking opportunities. We also provide workspace and resources to support the development of innovative ideas. Our team is dedicated to helping our members succeed and achieve their goals.

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