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An evening with Netflix featured actor Stephen Tongun

Stephen Pitya Tongun was born in Juba, South Sudan during the civil war. His family got displaced and they became refugees when he was just six months old. The Tongun family escaped to Nairobi, Kenya where they lived as refugees in Kibera before being granted a humanitarian visa to resettle in Adelaide, Australia.

Stephen Tongun stars alongside Chris Hemsworth, Miles Teller, Jurnee Smollett in the new Netflix thriller “Spiderhead” directed by Joseph Kosinski. Stephen is an Actor, a Lawyer and a sought after Master of Ceremonies for his abilities to engage and entertain people.

He has appeared in the feature films “Escape from Pretoria”, “Never Too Late” and “Fate of the Night”. He is also in the acclaimed TV series “Stateless” and “Danger 5”. You can see him in a new Netflix TV series later in 2022. He has acted in commercials for, “RAA”, “Coopers” and “Workskil”.

As a passionate thespian, his outstanding theatrical performances over the last decade have included starring in “Festen”, “Dry”, “The Deep North” musical, “A Promenade of Shorts”, “Beckett”, “Frank Forbes and The Yahoo Boy” and “Bordertown” (play and audio series)

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