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Banat Initiative for Leadership & Digital Development

BiLDD is a program by the Natinal Communcation Authority that empowers young women in high schools and universities to acquire the digital and life skills that are essential for succeeding in a digital economy. The program aims to bridge the gender gap in the digital sector and create more opportunities for young women to pursue their passions and interests.

To address the challenges and opportunities of girls education in South Sudan, various stakeholders have been working together to implement policies and programs that support girls' enrollment, retention, and completion of school. Some of the initiatives include providing scholarships, cash transfers, school feeding, teacher training, curriculum reform, gender-responsive infrastructure, and community mobilization. These interventions aim to create a safe, inclusive, and conducive learning environment for girls, as well as to raise awareness and change attitudes about the value and benefits of girls education.

Program Objectives

Provide the knowledge and skills

Provide girls with the knowledge and skills they need to use computers and the internet effectively.

Positive attitude towards technology

As BiLDD we help girls develop a positive attitude towards technology and to use it safely and responsibly.

Careers advancement in STEM

Encourage girls to pursue careers in STEM fields.

Bridge the gender gap in the ICT Sector

Bridge the gender gap in the ICT Sector and enhancing future competitive prospects of girls in a digital economy.

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