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Why we launched a Public Library at Scenius Hub

We recently celebrated a momentous occasion attended by community leaders, educators, and fellow book enthusiasts as we unveiled our latest project: the Scenius Hub Public Library. Our aim with this new endeavor is to create a nurturing space for learning, exploration, and intellectual growth, particularly for the youth of Juba.

With a capacity to house approximately 4,000 books, our library will offer a rich and diverse collection spanning various genres such as economics, history, fiction, autobiographies, and self-help literature. We're committed to providing a wide range of resources to cater to different interests and to foster a culture of discovery and enlightenment.

At the heart of this initiative is my vision to build a community of like-minded young individuals.

Youth need safe spaces for networking and reading. Our main objective is to enable young people access knowledge-rich resources in an ambient environment that encourages reading and the exchange of ideas.

In attednance was acclaimed author Awien Anei Majak, known for her work 'Forbidden Love' and her advocacy for self-empowerment, emphasized the importance of embracing a reading culture.

She likened reading to nourishment for the mind and soul, highlighting its transformative power. "Young people need to embrace reading culture. You may find a life-changing idea from a book. Just as food fuels the body, reading nourishes the mind and soul," she remarked.

Among our attendees was Deng Wilson, an avid reader, who expressed his excitement at the prospect of having free access to a wealth of knowledge. "Finally, a place where I can lose myself in the pages of a book without worrying about the cost. This library is a game-changer for many people in Juba and beyond," he exclaimed.

Community leader Butrus Ochan praised the opening of the library for advancing intellectual curiosity and lifelong learning. "The Scenius Hub Public Library offers young people a plethora of resources to challenge stereotypes. Youth should read extensively to question long-held cultural beliefs," he emphasized.

Educator Elijah Tombe shared his enthusiasm for the library's potential to enhance learning opportunities for students. "As a teacher, I am glad to see the launch of this library. It will serve as a valuable resource for my students, allowing them to explore new ideas and expand their horizons beyond the confines of the classroom," he noted.

Rejoice Tabu, a mother of four, believes that introducing children to reading at a young age will ignite their love for literature as they grow older. She eagerly anticipated bringing her children to the library. "I can't wait to bring my children to the library. It's so important for them to develop a love for reading from a young age. With free access to books, I know they'll have endless opportunities to learn and grow," she shared with a smile.

Our library is not just a standalone project; it's part of a broader collaborative effort involving organizations like the Reading Castle "نادى قلعة القراءة".  

This group, comprised of passionate youth, has been at the forefront of promoting reading within the hub by conducting various training sessions on writing and visual arts. They also host a vibrant book club that convenes every Sunday, fostering a community of avid readers and literary enthusiasts.

In addition to the Reading Castle's contributions, our hub recently hosted the Readers' Meet-up on March 16th this year. This event, organized by Read to Impact, a non-profit organization with a mission to empower young people across Africa through a culture of reading for personal development, brought together readers from all walks of life. It's worth noting that the Hub was selected as one of the nine centers to host the Meet-up in Africa, highlighting our commitment to promoting literacy and education on a broader scale.

While we currently have about one thousand books available, they are not sufficient for our target readers. We need more book genres on our shelves. Any donor willing to support us, we would be truly grateful,

Establishing and maintaining public libraries in South Sudan has been challenging since independence, due to factors such as limited infrastructure, funding, and resources. However, efforts by organizations and individuals like us aim to provide access to knowledge and promote literacy among the youth, contributing to the nation's development.

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