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Welcome to Scenius Hub Movie Nights!

Updated: Apr 26

Juba, the vibrant capital of South Sudan, is experiencing a surge in population. This growing community craves cultural and artistic experiences. Scenius Hub steps up to fill this need with its unique community cinema concept: Scenius Hub Movie Nights.

Every Saturday, from 7 PM to 11 PM, Scenius Hub transforms into a haven for film enthusiasts.  We offer a diverse catalogue of movies, catering to a wide range of tastes. Whether you're a classic film buff, an action-movie junkie, or love heartwarming family flicks, Scenius Hub Movie Nights has something for you.

But Scenius Hub goes beyond mere entertainment.  We also curate screenings that tackle key social issues relevant to the South Sudanese community, sparking dialogue and reflection. These thought-provoking films provide a platform for exploring important matters and raising awareness.

Scenius Hub Movie Nights are more than just watching a movie. They're about fostering a sense of community. Gather with friends, family, and fellow movie lovers, share popcorn and laughter, and delve into the stories that unfold on the screen.

Looking for a unique and engaging way to spend your Saturday evenings in Juba? Look no further than Scenius Hub Movie Nights. With its diverse film selection, focus on social issues, and welcoming atmosphere, Scenius Hub offers a truly enriching cultural experience.

Join the community and celebrate the power of cinema!

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