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Youth Launch "Inspirational Conversations" to Empower Young South Sudanese Leaders

Scenius Hub hosted the inaugural session of Inspirational Conversations, a dynamic initiative aimed at empowering young minds and aspiring change-makers to become catalysts for positive transformation in South Sudan. The event garnered an impressive turnout, attracting youths from all corners of the nation alongside esteemed dignitaries.

Distinguished guests included Hon.James Hoth Mai, Minister of Labour; Dr Addis Ababa Othow, Managing Director of Equity Bank South Sudan; and Ms Achu Jervace Yak, founder of South Sudan Youth Society for Peaceful Co-existence.

Nyamach Hoth Mai, the visionary behind Inspirational Conversations, shared her inspiration for launching the initiative, expressing, "I felt compelled to create Inspirational Conversations after being approached by numerous youths seeking guidance. This initiative serves as a platform to unite, empower, and inspire young individuals to embrace a solution-oriented mindset and actively contribute to the betterment of our nation."

Stephanus Juma, who emerged from humble beginnings, recounted his journey of resilience amidst adversity, stating, "Despite facing daunting challenges, including financial struggles during my secondary education, I chose to remain optimistic. I embarked on a path of self-reliance, working alongside a friend to save up for my tuition fees. I refused to succumb to despair and instead focused on forging my own path."

Hon. James Hoth Mai urged young people to pursue tangible solutions, emphasizing the pivotal role of education in shaping the country's future. Noting that "Our nation needs innovative solutions, and it is imperative for the youth to actively engage in problem-solving endeavours. Education is paramount, as it equips young individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to fulfil their civic duties."

Dr. Addis Ababa Othow echoed similar sentiments, stressing the importance of passion and purpose over mere financial gain. He remarked, "True fulfilment stems from pursuing endeavours driven by passion and a desire to effect positive change. Monetary rewards should be viewed as a byproduct of one's dedication to making a meaningful impact."

Ms Achu Jervace Yak lauded the initiative for inspiring the next generation of leaders. She suggested that future sessions spotlight the achievements and insights of young trailblazers and commended Scenius Hub for fostering an innovative space conducive to collaborative networking and idea-sharing among youths.

Attendees praised the event for its uplifting atmosphere and the profound impact of the shared real-life narratives. Reech Ngor Thon expressed gratitude for the initiative, affirming, "Nyamach's initiative is truly uplifting, offering a beacon of hope for individuals navigating challenging circumstances. Hearing the transformative stories of fellow youths reinforces my determination to pursue my aspirations."

Dr. Samuel Jok commended Nyamach's visionary leadership and recognized the initiative's significance in inspiring the youth and empowering elders to realize their full potential.

The inauguration of Inspirational Conversations marks the beginning of a series of monthly events hosted by Scenius Hub, providing a vibrant platform for youth empowerment, creativity, networking, and innovation in South Sudan.

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